Blog Highlights 2015 – a Sampler from the Community Engagement Blogging Team

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We have gained many followers since the blog began in December 2014. In the spirit of looking back at this time of year, here is a “holiday sampler” of blog posts – many of which were authored early in the blog’s existence.

Happy holidays, and enjoy the “nibbles” of ideas, viewpoints, and challenges from the CELE blogging team.

10-28-15 1407

Dan Bagley     Turn to the Creative Conquerors

Michelle Bir  Homeless Challenges: Magnanimity and Responsibility increases Effective Engagement

Brian Bowman     Assessing Free Online Civic Engagement Tools – Three Examples




Shawn Colvin   Active Engagement for a Common Cause

engagement[1]Cate Elander      Resident Representation and Power: More than Just a Seat at the Table

Emily Edmonds     Engaging farmers: A Neglected Aspect of the Local Food Movement’s Community Engagement Strategy





Traci Ethridge Dare to Think Differently

celeKaty Harriger   The University as Community Partner

Stephen Hopkins   Partners Against Crime: Hard work in Durham for true citizen ownership

Rick Morse   More Engagement Than We Give Credit For: The Case of Citizen Co-Producers





Jennifer Phillips Variety is the Spice of Government: Diversity & Inclusion


Kevin Smith Creating Sustainable Civic Participation

John Stephens Is there a sharp line between political protest and civic engagement?

Melody Warnick Three Reasons Why It’s Hard to Vote in Local Elections—and Why I’ll Vote Anyway



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