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We welcome and encourage comments that are clear, specific, and speak to a person’s experience. The purpose of CELE is learning and sharing perspectives among citizens who have engaged in various civic projects or policy-making, local government officials who often set the goals and manage public participation efforts, and teachers and researchers in the field of civic engagement.

Our aim is mutual learning. We seek dialogue though, not debate. Fruitful dialogue requires honesty, but also being open to other perspectives. If an engagement effort was poorly designed or executed, or did not reach people who are affected, this is the right forum to offer honest and fair criticism. Praise for innovative or effective civic engagement is welcomed, too.

Comments are moderated. Content must be relevant to community-level and/or local government civic engagement. If there is a concern about the tone or content of a comment, you will be notified. Overtly partisan or personally demeaning or mean-spirited content will be screened out. The organizers of this blog share responsibility for reviewing comments before they are posted.