2 Responses to “What Rural America Can Teach Us about Civil Society”

  1. Emily Edmonds

    Great, great article – and amazing work by RPA.
    The concentration of local power in most rural communities is exactly the love-hate relationship described here: we need stability more so than urban areas, because we are operating from a scarcity perspective, and at the same time scarcity limits the decision-making positions to a smaller number with fewer access points for those who aren’t financially advantaged. Such a great post and great work, and really important for securing stronger rural local governments in particular.

  2. Larry McConn

    I have lived most of my adult life and half of my childhood in rural Texas. This could not be farther from the truth. While not everyone in a rural town have the same beliefs, they come together for the betterment of the community and in most cases except the opinion of the majority. I like the magic carpet metaphor weaving the fabrics of the community into a carpet to carry the weight of the community.


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