3 Responses to “Trust through Transparency – Law Enforcement Agencies Ask Citizens for Input and Service”

  1. Michelle Bir

    Hi Brian!

    I was at a political forum last night here in Fayetteville for the mayoral race. This question came up quite a bit. It has not been approved through our city council because of privacy concerns. Specifically, they said that they were worried that the personal information of the police officers could be shared with the public somehow. I was confused on how this could happen and what exactly they were talking about. Have you heard this before and can you explain it to me?

  2. Brian Bowman

    Hi, Michelle!

    The advisory board members certainly learn more about police operations and procedures, but I haven’t heard of a case where personal information was compromised because of the board. If any law enforcement officers have insight on this, I would appreciate their comments.

    Michelle, good luck to you as Fayetteville considers this. It would certainly have to be approved by Council first.

    Thanks, Brian

  3. John Stephens

    While not about citizen advisory committees, I want to alert readers to a previous blog post – “Impacting the Community One Haircut at a Time” http://cele.sog.unc.edu/?s=haircut.

    It is about an initiative by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) to seek open, honest dialogue on police and race relations in the African American community.


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