One Response to “How Local Governments can Drive Civic Engagement in 2018”

  1. Kevin Amirehsani

    Great summary of the NCoC report. If I could add to the discussion one other possible solution: forums like Living Room Conversations or the Asteroids Club that are trying to bring community members together to bridge this growing ideological/trust/empathy divide. I plan on writing a post about a similar initiative that a friend and I have recently begun in Denver, but to the best of my knowledge projects like these do not receive much public funding or marketing. Even though studies show that they are among the best ways to build understanding between community members. This is not a panacea, but it’s really hard to not come away with at least a few positives about a person after a well-designed icebreaker and facilitated conversations (often over tea or coffee) that challenge some of the innate biases we hold and echo chambers/ideological bubbles we inhabit.


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