One Response to “Housing Matters: School and Family Stability and Greensboro’s Housing Our Community Initiative”

  1. John Stephens

    Beth – thanks for continuing the thread about the great need for affordable housing and how substandard housing, evictions and huge disruptions and dangers that affect so many people in every community.

    Per the CELE blog’s focus on the goals and methods of community engagement, do you see the Housing Our Community initiative as advocacy to persuade “The people with the money and power” to do the right thing? Is it a matter of landlords doing much more to assure that their properties are safe? As landlords fix things up, doesn’t that put pressure on their income and thus possibly push rental housing prices higher?

    I’m not suggesting that you or anyone else needs to courteously invite people into the advocacy stream for affordable housing. I am interested in how you and allies see the process – when and where the focus is on advocacy and political power (which may be a win-lose frame) and when there are engagement opportunities for creative problem-solving that might meet some of the interests of “The people with the money and power.”

    I see that the HCI is focused on “a shared housing vision” which can focus resources. My understanding is that your focus is on the gap in the private sector between the need and the supply of safe, affordable housing, to what degree are builders and landlords a part of creating the housing vision? Thanks, John


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